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Two new Bulgarian films are going on the Cannes 2011


Two new Bulgarian films are going on the Cannes 2011 – “The Island” directed by Kamen Kalev with the participation of Leticia Kasta and Ture Lindhard as main actors and the debute of Konstantin Bojanov “Ave” с Ovanes Torosian and Andjela Nedialkova.

In both projects the terraine sound director is Momchil Bojkov, helped by Sasho Trayanov and Valio Orlov, respectively.

We wish them luck on the festival!

First annual reporting meeting of the Bulgarian Sound Association of Bulgaria


On the 25.02.2011 the first annual reporting meeting of the Bulgarian Sound Association of Bulgaria took place. The official guests of the Meeting were: Georgi Stoyanov – director, Galina Toneva – producer, Diana Andreeva – economist, Ivaylo Chopakov – jurist.

The newly accepted 15 members of the Association were presented.

The shooting of the new Bulgarian short film “Ghost” finished


On the 12.04.2011 the shooting of the new Bulgarian short film “Ghost” finished. It is directed by Nikolai Kolev.

In the film participates the American actress CC Perkinson, Deian Donkov – Dinkata, Zara, the young actors from “Forbidden love” Iana Kuzova and Plamen Dimov and others.

The sound was recorded by Ivo Natzev and Alexander Trayanov.


The film “Tilt” of the brothers Chuchkovi with more than 110 000 viewers continues to be one of the most viewed films during the last 20 years. It is placed after the “miracle” “Mission London” directed by D. Mitovski, which is with more than 350 000 visitors. It is expected the debut of Ivan Djevelekov “” also to be in the head of the Bulgarian box office collection.

In “Tilt” the sound recording in Bulgaria and Germany was made by Alex Bachvarov, Ivo Natzev and Petar Kadiyski and in “Mission London” by Svetlyo Georgiev, Ivo Natzev (London) and Valery Metodiev (Sofia).


During April the last phase of the post production of the debut of Valeri Iordanov and Ivan Vladimirov in the film “Kecove” finished. Actors are Filip Avramov, Ivan Barnev, Valeri Iordanov and others.

Sound: Valyo Kirilov, Rumen Boyadjiev and Valentin Orlov

Expect the premier during September


The sound post production of “Inkognita” film by the director Mihail Pandurski is about finished. The sound will be mixed in Dolby Digital format till the beginning of May in the studio of NewBoyana Film. The sound team consists of: Svetlozar Georgiev, Mariana Valkanova, Valery Metodiev and others.


Till the end of April it is exprected to start the work on the sound design of the new project of Peter Popzlatev “I am you”. The project managers of the sound post production are Vlado Kaloyanov and Alex Bachvarov.