Film Sound Association Of Bulgaria


About Us

The Film Sound Association of Bulgaria was established in January 2010 by a group of experienced sound professionals engaged in the field of motion pictures, television and documentary films.

The mission of the Association is to nurture, support and further develop the work, professional interests, and expertise of practicing sound professionals – re-recording mixers, production and location sound mixers, boom operators and sound mixer assistants, sound designers, sound supervisors and sound editors, film music composers and producers, special sound effects designers, creators of sound effects for computer games, producers as well as any other professionals considering their activities to be related to the development of film sound and quality film distribution in Bulgaria.

The Association aims to inform and continuously educate its members and others interested in the latest technologies and systems related not only to sound recording but also to the entire filming process. To that effect, the Association plans to provide and organize a series of meetings, professional seminars, and interactions with industry leading companies and professionals as well as opportunities for joint projects.

Of course, an important goal is also to discuss and resolve all issues, shortcomings and questions related specifically to the Bulgarian cinema sound – from the initial location sound recording through the post-production stage – synchronization and dialog editing, ADR and Foley recording, sound effects gathering and ambiance design; music recording and mastering – to the final multi-channel sound mixing and dubbing (Dolby Digital or Dolby SR), and all of its different varieties for 35 mm film print, digital screening, TV or DVD versions.

Another major area of interest for the Association will be to improve the quality of film sound playback in cinemas and, if necessary, to provide technical consultation and support for the upgrade and maintenance of the sound systems in some cinema halls in Sofia and the country, focusing on the ones showing Bulgarian and European films. They must meet certain criteria and specifications for high-quality presentation of the finished film product to the audience.

Last but not least, a key objective of the Association is to cooperate and collaborate seamlessly with all other associations and professional organizations connected to filmmaking and the film industry, and especially with Bulgarian and foreign cinema producers.

At the present, the Association’s members include some of the most prominent and active film sound specialists in the country, responsible for the soundtracks of nearly all Bulgarian feature films for the last decade. Not to be neglected are also our member’s numerous participations and successes in foreign productions and international co-productions, filmed on location in Bulgaria or abroad.

It is our hope and goal to see steadily growing membership to the Association, leading to higher quality and prestige of the profession as a whole.